Softball & Baseball Rosters Not Final

Brian GossetStaff Writer

Brian Gosset here folks and just wanted to point something out because it is solely my responsibility when false material is printed. In yesterday’s Van Alstyne Leader issue, I made a Van Alstyne and Howe softball and baseball season preview. Let me assure you, the rosters on all four teams aren’t final, but a stepping stone toward the season. I’ve heard some confusion and have heard from coaches that they’re getting confusion from others. So I just wanted to post this that all four rosters are NOT FINAL. If your child isn’t on them and should be, don’t worry. All coaches will have a firmer grasp on teams when the season is in full swing (doesn’t help that weather has delayed things). There should be a final roster list when district play begins, so stay tuned. Thank you. I can be reached Twitter @Gosset41 or