Bulldogs stay undefeated with blow out against Hawks

Bailey Freestone-Sports
Ryan Schmitt blocks a shot by Woodward-Granger on Jan. 20. He led in blocks for the Bulldogs and was on of the leading scorers of the night.

The Van Meter Bulldogs took on the Woodward-Granger Hawks on Friday, Jan 20. The Bulldogs blew away the Hawks with a 58-32 win. The Bulldogs still hold their undefeated season record (13-0).

The Bulldogs had the first possession of the game, but didn't get the first couple of points right away.

The first two points of the game came when a foul was called against Hawks' Bodie Harrison. Harrison fouled Grant Johnson allowing him to shoot two free throws.

The Hawks tied it up when Spencer Hanson scored a field goal. His field goal was followed by one for the Bulldogs, thanks to Ryan Schmitt.

Next was a second foul called against the Hawks, this time on Reese Jamison. No free throws were given for this foul, though. With the Bulldogs next possession, Johnson scored a three pointer. The score now read 7-2.

Another three pointer was thrown up by Blake Fryar for the Bulldogs and then followed by a foul called on Ian Abrahamson on the other side of the court. Luckily the Bulldogs didn't give up any free throws with this foul, but Bryce Achenbach did score a three pointer with the Hawks possession.

Once on offense again, Fryar scored another three pointer, just to be followed by two more fouls called against the Bulldogs.

The quarter ended with a foul called on Hawks' Cameron Hoyt giving Mitchell Pomeroy two shots, both of which he made. The score was now 15-5.

The second quarter began with five points from Fryar. His first shot was a three pointer, the second, a field goal.

Further into the quarter and Schmitt kept scoring. First he made a field goal, but on the Bulldogs next possession, he was fouled by J.P. Nixon. Schmitt made on free throw, and then scored another field goal. The scoreboard now read 27-10.

Schmitt then had a foul of his own allowing Jamison to make a single free throw.

The quarter ended with a shot-foul combination. Schmitt made the basket and was fouled by Achenbach, he then made his one free throw.

The Bulldogs ended with half with a strong lead (30-11).

Schmitt began the third quarter with a field goal for the Bulldogs. He was tied for second leading scorer of the game for the Bulldogs with 14 points. The sophomore had six field goals and two free throws. He also had the most block for the Bulldogs with a total of four.

Hawks' Hanson had the next four points after scoring two field goals. His points didn't help too much, as they were just followed by a field goal from Johnson. The score was now 34-15.

Johnson tied with Schmitt for second leading scorer. His 14 points consisted of three field goals, one three pointer and five free throws. Johnson also had three blocks and was the second leader for the Bulldogs.

"We did a good job of getting the ball to our posts and they had a nice night getting 14 points each," said Coach Jed Alexander. "But we still turn it over too much and have a tendency to gamble at bad times on defense, so we need to clean that up."

After a few more possessions and a few more shots, Jack Trudo score his only two points for the Bulldogs.

When the Bulldogs were playing offense next, Harrison fouled Johnson who score one-of-two of his free throws.

Pomeroy scored the last basket of the third quarter. His hoop was followed by two fouls called against the Hawks. The Bulldogs still led 43-17.

The Hawks began the final quarter. Harrison scored two more points for the Hawks, just to be followed by a foul called on teammate Marcus McConahay that gave up two free throws to J.J. Durflinger.

McConahay redeemed his foul with a three pointer. McConahay was the Hawks second leading scorer with eight points, consisting of two three pointers and two free throws. The Hawks leading scorer was Hanson with ten points.

After the three pointer, Johnson scored another two points for the Bulldogs. The scoreboard now read 47-22.

The Hawks gained their next points when Achenbach was fouled by Marshal Smith. Achenbach was given two free throws, in which he made and the score now read 57-28.

Another foul was called against the Bulldogs that allowed Nixon to make a free throw.

The Bulldogs scored one more point off of a free throw and the Hawks ended the game with a three pointer. The game ended with the Bulldogs leading by 26 points (58-32).

"Being undefeated is great, but it is still just a one game at a time approach," said Alexander. "What's done is done and we just need to keep getting better. I thought we played a solid game last night and felt in control for most of the night. We made some mistakes on both ends that need to be cleaned up, but overall it was a nice win over an improved, young, Woodward-Granger team."

The Bulldogs will be playing a rescheduled game tonight (Jan. 23) against Panorama at 7:30 p.m.