Bulldog softball takes out Chargers

Bailey Freestone-Sports
Haley Forret had three of the Bulldogs’ runs during the game against AC/GC on June 20. PHOTO BY BAILEY FREESTONE/DALLAS COUNTY NEWS

The Van Meter Bulldogs softball team hosted the AC/GC Chargers on Tuesday, June 20. In comparison to the last time the two played one another (16-0), the game ended with a close Bulldog victory (9-4).

The Chargers started the game strong earning all four of their runs in the first inning.

Madison Berger began the game with a single, she was the first Charger to score when Savana Fuller hit a double. Sierra O’Brien followed Fuller’s double with one of her own, Fuller wasn’t able to score on the play, but did advance to third base.

Fuller scored the Chargers’ second run when Emily Pavelka hit a bunt. Pavelka was thrown out at first base for the Chargers’ first out of the game.

Genevieve Hoover was up to bat next. Hoover hit a single allowing O’Brien to score the third run. After two more hits, Hoover was able to make it back home and score the final run for the Chargers.

The inning ended when Tori Fuller hit the ball directly to first base and Madalyn Kelsey was tagged out when she ran back to base.

The Bulldogs had two batters walked to base and one hit in the first inning. The bases were loaded when the third out was called. The first inning ended 4-0 with the Chargers leading.

The Bulldogs allowed the first four Chargers to hit the ball. Mackenzie Davis and Madison Berger both hit singles. Davis had the first out of the game when she was running to second after Berger’s hit. The Chargers’ next two batters’ hits were both caught in the outfield.

The Bulldogs earned their first run in the second inning. Bailey Harding started the inning by hitting a double. Following Harding was Emma Durflinger; Durflinger hit a single but was thrown out at first base. Harding stole both third base and home during Durflinger’s hit, scoring the Bulldogs’ first run.

One Bulldog was walked to base and two were thrown out at first before the second inning ended. The inning ended with the Chargers still leading 4-1.

The Bulldogs were able to keep the Chargers from scoring again in the third inning and only allowing Hoover onto base.

The third inning for the Bulldogs began with an out once again, but was quickly followed by a single from Haley Forret.

After the hit, Meagan Blomgren was walked to base and Abby Archer hit a double. Archer’s double allowed Forret to make it back home scoring another run for the Bulldogs.

Molly Blomgren was up to bat next, she bunted the ball, which allowed Meagan Blomgren to run back home. The Bulldogs were now down by only one run (4-3).

The Bulldogs tied it up when Bailey Harding hit a single. Unfortunately Harding was thrown out at first base, but her hit still allowed Archer to score the fourth run. The third inning ended 4-4.

The Bulldogs were able to get the Chargers’ first three batters out during the top of the fourth inning.

Lilly Thompson was up to bat first for the Bulldogs in the fourth inning. Thompson was walked to base after a dead ball was called. After a strikeout, Thompson stole second while Olivia Prouty was up to bat. Prouty was also walked to base after four balls were thrown.

Forret was up to bat next; her double sent Thompson back home for the first run of the inning. Although Meagan Blomgren was thrown out at first, her hit let Prouty to run back home.

While Archer was up to bat again, Forret saw the opportunity to slide into home. Archer’s run was the last of the inning, finishing the score at 7-4 with the Bulldogs now in the lead.

Neither the Chargers nor the Bulldogs were able to score during the fifth inning. The Chargers weren’t able to score in the sixth inning either.

The sixth inning for the Bulldogs began with Mackenzie Blomgren being walked to base. After an out, Forret had another hit putting her on base again.

While Meagan Blomgren was up to bat, the ball was overthrown bat to second base allowing Mackenzie Blomgren to score another run for the Bulldogs. The overthrown ball also allowed Forret to gain two bases as well.

Archer hit another single, giving Forret the opportunity to score again for the Bulldogs. Forret’s run was the last of the game as the Bulldogs didn’t allow the Chargers to score in the top of the seventh.

The game ended with the Bulldogs leading 9-4 and now holding a 13-11 season record. The Bulldogs will be playing Clarke on June 22 at 7:30 p.m.