DCG’s Ella Lampe selected to IGHSAU Student Advisory Council

Andrew Brown - Sports Reporter
Dallas County News

While most of us notice what goes on the playing surface of each athletic contest, there is plenty that goes on off of it. From sportsmanship to logistics, there is plenty for athletes, fans, and coaches to focus on. Understandably, most of the attention by athletes is focused on what happens on the court, field, or pitch. There are some, however, who have the itch to focus on a broader spectrum.

That is where incoming Dallas Center-Grimes junior Ella Lampe comes into play. Recently, Lampe was given the honor of being a selectee of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union Student Advisory Council. Lampe will be one of eleven female student-athletes from across the state of Iowa who will serve. The junior will serve a two-year term on the council, addressing various subjects.

One of the main goals behind the student advisory council will be to promote the Iowa Girl and voice a student-athlete perspective on issues.

“It’s all new to me yet but I love what they are doing and I’m all about sportsmanship so this feels like a great fit for me,” said Lampe. “I’m really excited to be apart of this and to be alongside ten other student-athletes across the state.”

As long as she can remember, Lampe has been active and participating in several activities, including athletics at DCG High School. As a member of the athletic scene, Lampe has participated in track and field, volleyball, and basketball where she earned an All-Little Hawkeye Conference honor last season. Lampe has been noted as being a well-rounded athlete who possesses both mental and physical strength in the athletic arena. That caught the attention of her coaches and before too long, Lampe was on her way to becoming one of the newest IGHSAU Student Advisory Council members.

“During school, I actually got called down to Mr. Buttjer’s office which has never happened to me before,” laughed Lampe. “He had asked some of the varsity coaches who might fit well in this position and he called me down and asked me if I wanted to apply for this position.”

From the moment her name was mentioned, a series of events put Lampe into the position she is today. What started out as a rather unknown for Lampe quickly turned into one of her more exciting recent adventures.

“I was really excited that I was picked to represent DCG,” said Lampe. “I hadn’t heard too much about the council before but then I quickly found out about it and from there I applied for it and recently I received notice that I was accepted.”

Being accepted into the council is a big deal but something that doesn’t surprise her coaches at DCG including head girls basketball coach Adam Jones.

“She’s the person that came to my mind right away,” said Jones. “She’s well rounded and has great character. She’s a great teammate, student, and she’s someone who’s not afraid to voice her opinion yet still willing to listen to others.”

Coach continued to talk about Lampe being a perfect fit for the council while understanding the gravity of the position she is in.

“I think while she’s proud of herself, I think she sees this as an opportunity to represent DCG, her family, her program and community well and there’s nobody that I’d rather have in this position than Ella Lampe,” began Jones. “She sees the whole picture and it has nothing at all to do with herself.”

Pending social distancing guidelines and how the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Lampe will participate in three council meetings over the course of the next school year. The first of which is scheduled to occur during the fall semester of the 2020-21 school year. The next two meetings for the Student Advisory Council are set for January and in May of 2021. For Lampe, a multi-sport athlete and long-time supporter of sportsmanship within DCG athletics, the chance to represent her school was too much to pass up and something that meant a lot to her overall.

“It means a lot to me that people have the belief in me to take on this position,” said Lampe. “It’s really awesome that they believe I have the leadership qualities to represent DCG as a whole because it’s a big deal to represent DCG period. To represent my school completely is an awesome thing.”

Being a multi-sport athlete may be time-consuming but it does provide for a unique perspective on the sports landscape in Iowa, something stressed by coach Jones.

“I think if you’re going to represent the state of Iowa and the Iowa Girl in a role like this, the more experience you have in representing what this stands for,” said Jones.

For a student-athlete who has worked her way up through the ranks of whatever sport she’s participated in, Lampe mentioned her appreciation for her voice to be heard, something that has been very prevalent within DCG High School.

“I’ve always appreciated being able to voice my thoughts regardless of what sport I’ve played here at DCG,” said Lampe. “This is an opportunity to represent DCG and voice my opinions on a higher scale.”

Among the several topics that concern the IGHSAU, Lampe has an eye particularly on two subjects in more specifically.

“I’m big on sportsmanship and I’m also big on leadership and how that pushes teams to be great,” began Lampe. “That’s definitely something I want to talk about. How leadership can impact the athletic union going forward.”

For the time being, Lampe says she is relaxing, taking on the AAU basketball scene, and enjoying summer before the next school year begins and her time on the IGHSAU Student Advisory Council begins.