ADM says goodbye to Interim Activites Director Larry Moklestad

Andrew Brown - Sports Reporter
Larry Moklestad receives a plaque following his final home athletic contest of his tenure at ADM High School. PHOTO COURTESY OF ADM ATHLETICS

Over the past several years there have been several changes to the athletic landscape at ADM High School. One of the bigger changes has come in the activities director position where Larry Moklestad stepped in prior to the start of the 2020 fall sports campaign.

Moklestad followed the departure of now former activities director Reece Satre and spearheaded the athletic efforts across the 2020 athletic calender for the Tigers. Now, his time with ADM High School will come to a close after ten months with the school.

“It’s been such an enjoyable experience for me,” said Moklestad. “The coaches, administrative team, and community have been so positive and a really fun experience.”

Moklestad’s time with ADM began mid-August and under his watch, Tiger athletics has produced a lot of success including an individual state cross country champion in Nate Mueller, and a Class 2A wrestling champion in Kaden Sutton.

“It has been so fun to watch all these athletes compete at a high level,” said Moklestad. “Every sport has been competitive and to watch these students succeed was really enjoyable to me.”

This year wraps up Moklestad’s 40th overall year in the education sector and 31st year in the role of activities director. Before arriving onto the grounds of ADM High School, Moklestad had three stops along the way including a six-year stint at Radcliff, a nine-year stint at Hampton-Dumont-CAL, and a 24 year stint with Raccoon River Conference opponent Boone.

His initial entry into the world of ADM athletics started with a connection to ADM superintendent Greg Dufoe, something that was a big help in the decision for Moklestad to take on the interim AD position.

“It was a great fit because Greg Dufoe, the superintendent, is a real quality leader and ADM is lucky to have him,” started Moklestad. “He’s one the best superintendents I’ve ever worked with, he’s so supportive of all the programs at ADM High School.”

Familiarity also had a big part in Moklestad’s arrival at ADM. With 24 years directing the athletic efforts at Boone High School, the connections within the Raccoon River Conference and thus connections to ADM High School made a seem-less transition.

“It was an easy transition made easier with the fact that I was already familiar with the athletic directors in the conference and I knew some of the head coaches already,” said Moklestad. “It may have been an easier transition for me than possibly others just because of the familiarity I had with some of the coaches and how the conference ran.”

His presence was truly felt across all the coaches at ADM High School with high praise from the coaching body.

“Larry is a fantastic human being and that’s what shines through the most,” began ADM head boys basketball coach Aaron Mager. “He’s an authentic listener, not just listening to respond but listening to understand. He’s so professional and level-headed that he always takes the appropriate course of action.”

Moklestad has been quick and decisive with his actions and such actions have always been beneficial for ADM athletics as a whole as girls head basketball coach Jacob Cleveland talked about.

“The big thing Larry brought to the program was the branding of our athletic facilities,” began Cleveland. “He put up a lot of signs and decor and him and I were on the same page. I made some jokes about the old backboards in the south gym and he took care of it right away. He also set up our Huddle system and set up a system with our backboards that are much quicker. Things like that have made our job as coaches so much easier.”

Another well respected and liked aspect about Moklestad was the professionalism and speed with which he acquired answers and overall knowledge. It was something that stood out right away to ADM head baseball coach Jason Book.

“He’s helped in many ways whether it was buying uniforms or a new windstream for the field,” began Book. “He helped us navigate everything including the COVID-19. If he didn’t know the answer for something at a time, he would go out and get the answer quickly.”

Any year in general has challenges let alone a year impacted by COVID-19. It was uncharted waters that Moklestad went through successfully and once again earned praise from the coaching staff.

“He did a great job of helping things along during COVID-19,” said Mager. “He’s always been a great communicator and that helped the school athletically move forward during the tough times.”

Now, as the calender turns towards July, Moklestad will once again depart following a successful stay in the high school athletic world. The future for ADM athletics now lies within the hands of former Johnston High School educator Rod Wiebers.