ADM Track Future Champions Camp Canceled

Andrew Brown - Sports Reporter
ADM head boys track and field coach Jesse Hunt running the ADM Track & Field Camp in it's final day in 2019. PHOTO BY ANDREW BROWN/DALLAS COUNTY NEWS

Even as society makes the attempt back to normalcy from COVID-19, setbacks still arise.

Such is the case for the fate of the 2020 ADM track Future Champions Camp. This year would have marked the second year of the camp, but due to current activity of COVID-19, there will be no such activities this year. The camp has been called off and will look to resume in 2021.

For those who already purchased a t-shirt for the camp, they will be handed out at a later date.

It was a tough decision to make for head boys track coach Jesse Hunt and the activities department who already had strict sanitation practices in play.

“Our top priority for everyone involved is their health and safety while still enjoying everything about the camp,” Hunt said before the cancellation. “We might not be able to use certain equipment and we might have to change how we run certain events like the high jump. “

The event itself is focused on educating the fundamentals of track and field, how to be a leader, and how to be a good teammate regardless of the sport. It was with a heavy heart that the decision to cancel the 2020 camp was made, especially due to the excitement leading up.

“We had a great turnout last year and the interest is continually growing,” said Hunt following last years camp. “It’s always exciting to share the joys of track and field and see the joy that it gives the kids.”

The camp is expected to resume again in 2021.