Waukee's Garrett Morris takes next step in football career

Andrew Brown
Dallas County News
Waukee senior Garrett Morris on the Warrior football team in 2020.

Along with a strong 2020 campaign for Waukee football, the Warriors recently witnessed yet another one of their own make a collegiate commitment on the gridiron. 

One of the most recent announcements came from senior Garrett Morris. Following a strong junior campaign and currently just as strong of a senior season, Morris has announced he will take his talents to Wayne State University for football.

"It kind of gives me a little relief," Morris said. "Going into my senior year I was a little stressed out because I didn't have as many offers as I hoped. I didn't get to have all the visits that I hoped. Now that I finally have a school I'm committed to and glad I'm going, there, it's let me relax and enjoy my final year of high school football." 

Morris, who split time between Dallas Center-Grimes and Waukee, has proven himself no matter where he's been. Once thought of on the offensive side of the ball, Morris has recently established himself as a defensive star. While with DCG during his junior year, Morris captured 51 total tackles along with one interception. So far in 2020, the future Wildcat has 14.5 tackles. 

"Football is kind of my everything," began Morris. "When I was a freshman I decided I wanted to play college football. Football is a completely different experience." 

Morris will now join a Wayne State football team not too far removed from a 6-5 season back in 2017. There has been a lot of history and success with Wayne State football but for Morris, there were only a few factors that led to him becoming a new member of Wildcat football. 

"It basically came down to financially," said Morris. "I've seen my brother struggle financially with his college decision and I decided I didn't want any college debt and that I wanted to go somewhere that would help me out with that goal." 

Another factor that went into the decision came down to something that has always been important throughout his career on the gridiron. 

Garrett Morris assisting in a tackle against Ankeny on Friday, Sept. 4.

"The coaches are amazing and for me, that's really important to me," said Morris. " I really loved my visit with coach McMenamin." 

Coaching is important for all athletes and for Morris, the coaches that have helped his career made an impact that reached far beyond the gridiron. 

"The coaches who have helped me along the way have meant so much to me whether at DCG or here at Waukee," said Morris. "There aren't enough words to describe coach Hutzel at DCG. He's the most influential person in my life. The way he coaches you and teaches you to be a better man, to strive for greater and wish for more for yourself, I couldn't as for more. He helped me harness who I was and who I want to be." 

Wayne State was one of several institutions in search of his talents, including a few Ivy-League universities such as Brown all the way to schools such as the University of North Dakota and more.

"The tougher competition you play, the better you become," said Morris. "Playing at DCG and now Waukee, I've faced a lot of good players and teams. Playing all of these teams and even different schemes I've played in, it's taught me to pay attention to the little details and that will really help me in college." 

Morris is one of many athletes who have had to go through quite a lot just to be recognized in a pandemic that halted connection with a lot of schools.

"It was an interesting process getting to learn how to use Zoom and Google Meets, getting those virtual junior days that others got to do in person," Morris said. "It was fun seeing what schools were better at technology but it was a blessing for me because it let me realize who's interested the most. I'm actually glad this happened because I think I ended up in the best possible place." 

Along the way, Morris has learned quite a lot and will take that knowledge with him to the next level. 

"The biggest thing for me has been preparation," said Morris. "You can be the most athletic person but if you don't plan ahead, it won't matter. The better prepared you are, the better you'll be on gameday." 

Until he reaches the collegiate level, Morris will continue playing the high school game. The Warriors will start the postseason on Oct. 23 at home against Linn-Mar.

"I've dedicated all my time to football," said Morris. "High school football man, it's just a completely different experience. The community coming together to watch a football game, there's nothing like it. I've never felt a feeling quite like what I've felt on a Friday night." 

Waukee's Garrett Morris makes a play against Dowling Catholic on Friday, Sept. 18.