ADM girls basketball gears up for new season

Megan Teske, Correspondent
Special to Dallas County News
Claire Greenslade during a fast break on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, against Carlisle.

With fall sports coming to a close, it’s now time for winter sports to start up.

The ADM girls basketball team has gotten its season underway, with practices starting last week on Nov. 8.

Head coach Jacob Cleveland said the practices have gone really well so far, and as he is in fourth year of coaching, he has been with this group of seniors the whole time.

“They’ve really caught onto our schemes and are working hard and things [...] just run real smooth and a lot of that comes from the senior leadership that we have,” Cleveland said.

The Tigers have started the practices focusing on defense, because Cleveland said that is where they “hang their hat,” but they are also spending time on the fundamentals.

Cleveland said the team struggled on fundamentals last season and doing the basics correctly, so if ADM gets that figured out, it’ll help the team moving forward.

A lot of the girls on the team are multisport athletes, but once basketball season rolls around and it’s time to focus on that, he said the girls are all in.

ADM's Nicole Storck on defense during a game on Monday, Nov. 23, 2020, against Norwalk.

“I think they’re very excited with some new opportunities that some of them will have,” Cleveland said. “And really just to get started, again they put a lot of work in.”

The Tigers ended their season last year in the regional semifinals, and Cleveland said they were up against a difficult conference.

This season, he said the goal for ADM is to have a 15-win season, but the Tigers measure a successful season on whether they play to their potential.

“We also want to kinda play with those teams that are very talented, win the games we’re supposed to win and then hopefully we can sneak up on a couple teams that are ranked higher than us or are very talented,” Cleveland said.

He is looking to the previously mentioned senior leadership to help achieve some of those goals the Tigers have set for themselves. Cleveland said the seniors do a good job of getting the rest of the team ready for practice by setting up a stretching routine, keeping the girls focused and lifting them up when things go bad.

ADM’s first game of the season comes in the form of a scrimmage against Indianola on Nov. 19.

ADM's Olivia Tollari hauls in a rebound on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021, against Carlisle.

Cleveland said he has already broken down a scouting report from last season with Indianola’s returning players and has started to look at film as well.

“It’s very interesting, always to look at film because we scrimmaged them last year too, just how different we are, kinda the mistakes that I saw,” Cleveland said. “Looking at that, trying to see if I can correct some of those going forward so we’re ready to go.”

Though it’s being called a scrimmage, Cleveland said he will be treating the competition against Indianola mostly as a regular game so the girls can get used to the scouting report and how to break it down as the season goes on.

ADM will have its first regular-season game soon after the scrimmage, as the Tigers play Norwalk on Nov. 22 and then Van Meter on Nov. 23.

Cleveland said he has done some preliminary looks at the teams, but once he gets the scouting report for Indianola done, he’ll move on to those two teams.

“Usually I’ll give the scouting report for Norwalk to our girls, we usually have a shootaround on Sunday to go through all that stuff,” Cleveland said. “And then after the game against Norwalk I’ll go over Van Meter. And again, real short notice, but our girls are used to this kind of schedule at the beginning of the year, so we’ll be fine.”

ADM takes on Indianola in a scrimmage at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 19 at Indianola High School. The Tigers begin regular season play with a game against Norwalk at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 22 at Norwalk High School followed by a game against Van Meter at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 23 at ADM High School.

ADM head girls basketball coach Jacob Cleveland cheers on his team on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020, against Gilbert.